Wednesday, June 29, 2016


July 10 - August 14

High Temperature Superconductors as a Window to Understanding Unconventional Strongly Correlated Physics


Catherine Kallin*, McMaster University
Dung-Hai Lee, University of California, Berkeley
Mohit Randeria, Ohio State University
Suchitra Sebastian, Cambridge University
André-Marie Tremblay, Université de Sherbrooke

This workshop will focus on the physics of the high temperature copper-oxide and iron pnictide superconductors, with the goal of illuminating wider aspects of strongly correlated electron systems.

One focus will be an exploration of ways to find new high temperature superconductors by a deepened understanding of the cooperation between spin and both orbital fluctuations and lattice vibrations in enabling strong Cooper pairing, as well as our understanding of the electronic orders that intertwine with superconductivity in the oxides, pnictides, heavy fermions and organics.

A dual focus will be to probe aspects of unconventional families of superconductors where the Fermi liquid paradigm is challenged, including the enigmatic pseudogap and strange metal regime of the copper-oxide superconductors.

We hope to bring together experts who can facilitate an interplay between experiment, advanced numerical lattice theories and analytical low energy theories. This will allow us to address a central problem facing the field of correlated electron materials: bridging the regime of validity of microscopic approaches based on strong coupling approaches using large coordination and high temperature with the more phenomenological frameworks based on effective field theories that aim to describe the low energy physics.

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