Monday, August 1, 2016


Many experimentalists attended this workshop, up to 5 per week. We had heard that experimentalists sometimes felt left out at ACP, so we gave all of them the opportunity to speak for 10 minutes + 15 minutes for questions/discussions, the day after they arrived. This worked well at stimulating further informal discussion with them as well as often informing the group discussions we had every Friday.  More generally, we met formally 3 times per week, with about 60% of the time reserved for questions and discussion. Speakers mostly kept to the short time allotted for talks and all sessions were very well attended.

We brought in leading experts in cuprates, pnictides, heavy fermions and people who are searching for new topological materials. This was very international group, with a strong contingent from China and, given the demographics of the field, a good representation of women.  Important ideas in the different sub-fields (different materials) were discussed and there was much interaction across sub-fields.

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