Monday, August 1, 2016

Topological superconductivity and semimetals

Topological superconductivity and topological semimetals
Sr2RuO4 is of particular interest because it is considered the best candidate for bulk topological superconductivity. Most experiments point toward triplet chiral p-wave order. One challenge to this is experiments of the upper critical field which suggest singlet order, but we discussed one theory that reconciles this with chiral p-wave order.  On the other hand, we also heard about and discussed recent thermal conductivity results (not yet published) which appear to be in direct contradiction to the behavior expected for chiral p-wave order. This is an outstanding puzzle that was thoroughly discussed, but with no resolution. In addition to topological superconductivity our workshop asked a leading researcher in predicting topological materials through material computation to give a short talk on the classification of different Weyl semimetals.

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